1 Jul 2019

School Readiness

Making sure your child feels comfortable in a classroom environment and has the desire to engage in learning and with their teachers and friends is crucial as they progress towards their schooling years. 

When your child steps into our School Readiness classroom, you can be confident that they’re getting personalised attention. Our educators understand that there’s more to being ready for ‘big school’ than book smarts. 

During this phase of your child’s learning they will be encouraged to: 

  • Safely express their own emotions and respect those of others

  • Take responsibility for completing tasks

  • Explore their own self-identity and identify their own interests 

  • Join in acknowledgements of country to recognise and respect Indigenous Australians

  • Participate in healthy physical, mental and social activities and events 

  • Confidently explore and connect with the local community

  • Participate in productive activities and conversations

  • Contribute to group settings and be comfortable with solitary play

  • Learn vital self-help skills to prepare for school including; toileting, dressing and lunch box preparation

We know from speaking with parents, that the years before your child starts school can be a little overwhelming. However, we also believe these years are exciting, and when a quality child care provider partners with families, the time is full of potential and possibility. 

A note to parents - All Lifelong Learning Centres offer state-approved early learning curriculums as part of our School Readiness approach. This includes kindergarten programs in Queensland, Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Victoria and pre-school programs in New South Wales and the ACT.

In each School Readiness classroom, your child will be taught by a University Qualified Early Childhood Teacher and/or Diploma Qualified Early Childhood Educator. 

These dedicated professionals will nurture your child’s individual strengths and abilities, and support your child where they need it most, all while having fun along the way. The weekly programs are designed to encourage your child’s growth and development with stimulating activities and experiences.

Our classrooms and playgrounds inspire play-based learning while also helping your child to build confidence socially, emotionally and physically, setting them up for a love of lifelong learning. Parents are kept informed and updated through regular feedback via Storypark along with personalised information sessions held at key times each year, or on request. 

That way, when your child graduates from our Lifelong Learning School Readiness classroom, you can be confident they are ready for their school journey ahead.

To learn more call 1800 CHILD CARE 

5 Sep 2019

Putting child safety first

It’s everyone’s job to protect children. This year Lifelong Learning Centres are teaming up with Bravehearts to take the pledge to protect children. 

29 Aug 2019

Sun protection in Early Childhood Education

“No hat, no play, no school today!” We definitely don’t agree that a hat will prevent your child from attending childcare, however, as the weather starts warming up and the sun starts peeking in, it’s time to think seriously about sun safety.

27 Aug 2019

Communicating through play

“Do not keep children to their studies by compulsion, but by play.” - Plato

At Lifelong Learning Centres we place an emphasis on play based learning for our children, but what does this mean?